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The Perks

The Perks We're so excited to introduce our perk program! As a Community Member, you will receive the following:

1. A 25% discount on all of your future product purchases!

2. Any standard online order placed by a Wholesale Customer (WC) will receive 50 -100 % of the value of the shipping costs in Shipping Reward points.

3. The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is a customizable monthly auto shipment that lets you pick whatever product you want to ship whenever you want, all while giving you 10-30% back in reward points for maintaining your wellness lifestyle!

4. Each member will have their own oil buddy, someone that will answer your questions and help you on your new oil journey. And, if you can believe it, there's MORE! BE AN INSIDER You will have full access to all of our oil information, fb groups, e-books and unlimited diffuser and roller blend recipes.

To join, click the button below and fill out the forms to become a Member!

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