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Organic Baby Mattress Pads

Putting together your babys pure bed can be challenging and confusing. You are trying to avoid toxic substances but you are confused where they may be lurking. We have tried to simplify the items you may need. I had 4 babys of my own, which is why I invented the following products for their comfort.

     First we like to put on a moisture pad to prevent urine and other bacteria from getting on the mattress. Mold, dust mites and allergens do not like pure natural wool, but they do like a lot of other things like pee, poo, saliva, etc. My favorite thing about the wool, is that it does not grow bacteria from urine. And any solid matter, can be rinsed out by hand or in cold delicate cycle of washing machine, I shake the pad so it dries quickly, and I am ready to use again.

We also have this in a crib fitted sheet version for ultimate protection for an expensive crib mattress, but most of us use the flat version. We can make these any size you like, like for a Stokki Jr, or a custom cradle. 

     Second, I made it even easier on me by creating an organic cotton quilted pad that I can machine wash and dry. This absorbs the urine and protects my mattress. And when baby is on the floor, an organic quilted pad goes under her/him to protect baby from nasty floor things like carpet and yucky stuff. I have one I take when I am out and about so that baby does not have to touch yucky things. We can also make these any size you like. I have one in my dog crate for my doggie. 

Ginny Edmunds - Mom and Owner specializing in organics since 1992

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