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Pure Organic Bedding

Organic Bedding such as organic pillows, pads, comforters, sheets, mattresses, etc are made by us in Southern California, to protect you from the slew of chemicals that are purposely or accidentally put on the synthetic bedding products most people are buying. 

As a person who is chemically sensitive (MCS), I have spent the past 28 years helping people find amazing alternatives for a clean bedroom. 

People ask me, "Why does it Matter for most people?" My answer is simply - I am more sensitive than most to the synthetic chemicals. But no one is immune. Our bodies are not designed to process synthetics, so we have to detox from them. Normally we do this fairly well, but detoxing chemicals means your body is not doing other things, such as metabolizing food and vitamins efficiently, or repairing cells and mitochondria. 

Then we have a lot of companies in the organic market simply for profits. Especially newer companies as organics became popular. They are not careful, they follow the inadequate laws mostly but their employees may have perfume, deodorant, lotions or other synthetics on their bodies that are then absorbed into the products they are making or shipping. 

So by manufacturing organic cotton, wool, latex pillows, pads, sheets, comforters and more in our family run on site facility, we are able to control synthetics. As an added bonus, we can easily do custom sizes.

All our products ship in pure food grade polyethylene to protect them from the elements as they travel to your home. 

I hope you enjoy our products

Ginny Edmunds - Owner and Founder 1992

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