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Living Naturally without toxic chemicals

I am Ginny, owner of Healthy Body Head To Toe. I have spent the past 29 years of my life dedicated to creating natural solutions and sharing these solutions with everyone who wants to live healthier, without toxins.

My journey began in 1992 with the pregnancy of my first child. I researched how to help my baby live a healthy life. I discovered a lot of toxic chemicals make their way into our bedrooms and wreak havoc. At the time, I had issues with chemical sensitivities and narcolepsy.

I decided to detoxify my home, and especially my bedroom. So I got an organic futon (that's all that we had back then), and organic lumpy pillow, and organic sheets. But I could not find anything for my baby to be. So I created it.

I created a line of organic bedding for babies that would work in all sizes of products, and for all parents. Thus my journey began. I assumed there were other parents that desired organic and natural solutions for their new bundles of joy, and I was right. I spoke around the country, educating parents on raising healthy babies naturally.

Bob Vila had me on his show where I got to share to a larger audience.

I then developed a full line of organics for the bed, so us adults could also enjoy purity and toxin free living.

Over the years the organic options for fibers got better and better. Now we have organic latex which feels amazing, organic cotton, organic and natural wools, natural kapok...

These allow people like me, to have lots of choices in the organic and natural world. After I made the changes, my fibromyalgia symptoms went away, and so did the narcolepsy symptoms. I got off the meds, and felt great!!! Turns out my body gets to spend more time repairing itself, now that I am not continually having to detox from chemicals in my bedroom.

After many years and more research, I added essential oils and a bunch of natural beauty products so my customers could enjoy more pure things without having to blindly trust these foreign manufacturers and the sloppy US companies.

I hope you will continue to come and learn how to live naturally for vitality, energy, clear thinking and a long healthy happy life!!!

Ginny - Mother of 6, and Organic Guru

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