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If you want a natural pillow that is supportive but can be manipulated just where you need support, then this is it! These pillows are so easy to care for and supportive. They are easily malleable to put the stuffing just where I need it. I can wrap it around my head, I can push it up under my shoulder and it gives me support. In fact we use this in our dog beds and play pillows for the same reason. It is a heavy pillow, so not a great travel one. 

These pillows will not compress and can be machine washed and dried. Usually I take out the filling and machine wash outer only, but a few times I washed the whole thing. 

The Lite is 2", Regular is 2.5" and Heavy is 3" on our small pillows, so pick the loft that matches your sleeping position and needs. 

These adjustable versions, feature a zipper so you can remove or add filling as needed. We sell filling of pure chemical free kapok, shredded latex, organic woollie balls, organic wool batting, and organic cotton batting so you can add if needed. 

Even better, I can machine wash and dry these so they last 20 times as long as regular synthetic pillows. They do take 1-3 dryer cycles to dry completely, but they come out so clean. Or you can remove outer zip on cover to wash and dry the outer only. 

Replacement covers are available so your pillow can last for decades even with abuse. 


These are made with our natural shredded latex that we get from the natural latex mattress making scrap. 


Travel/Throw 16 x 16"

Boudoir 12.5 x 16"

Child 14 x 20"


See our larger organic pillows with 3", 4" and 5" loft

Standard 20 X 25"

Queen 20 x 30"

King 20 x 35"

Body 20 x 54"

Euro 26 x 26"


See our 9 x 60" and other ergonomic cylindrical body pillows here. 


Organic Cotton Pillowcases

Organic Cotton Barrier Pillowcases (for dust mite protection)


Call for custom sizes 1-800-939-0701


Made in USA by Healthy Body Head To Toe (a small family company). 28 Years of Quality Manufacturing

Compare our prices. Even though we use a more expensive damask outer our prices are still lower. 


Ginny Edmunds - Owner

Organic Small Pillows Natural Latex Filled - Machine Wash

PriceFrom C$49.95
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