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Organic Budget Infant Mattresses

If you can't afford a finished infant organic baby mattress then try this:  Our GOLS Certified Organic Latex Firm Core is all you need. You can put sheets, blankets, pads, etc on this core to make a safe comfy bed. Stokki, Co-Sleeper, Playyard, Bassinet, Cradle...

After your baby is older, you can use as a play mat, or as a pet bed. These pure materials will last a very long time. Try to keep it covered with something as often as you can as latex breaks down over time when exposed to air and heat. (Tip: To save money we just put a pillowcase over the core and tucked it around to keep it secure.) We even have zip pillow covers to make it even more secure.

Custom sizes are no problem and no extra charge. Just order next size up or contact me. 

To clean - Simply hand rinse and let dry (not in high heat or direct sun). Do not saturate. 

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