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Reactivate doTERRA Account

You had a doTERRA Account long ago, or have not used your account in over 6 months.

You can reactivate!

Reactivations over 1 year ago, get a Free Peppermint Essential Oil, and may qualify for other great bonuses directly from me. So please contact me to find out what you are qualified for. 

Sometimes you just want to get back to natural health and those oils that you maybe did not understand at the time. Let's get you back on your healthy journey. 

Start by looking at our wonderful Free Ebooks to see if this journey is for you...

Then reactivate with doTERRA, by contacting me ASAP by text or phone 760-689-2784 or by email at

Reactivate your life with doTERRA for Energy, Restful Sleep, Optimum Weight, Healthy Muscles and Joints, Solutions to Everyday Issues and more...

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