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Organic and Natural Since 1992

Textile Manufacturer with the highest purity in existence. We test, we retest. We make sure your products are as pure as can be when they arrive to you. 

Contact me anytime 1-800-939-0701

Ginny Edmunds - Owner

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I am Ginny, a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA Essential Oils since 2014. This site is designed to help you find products that can make YOUR life better. Whether you need some relief for small issues, or you need help tackling major health issues, I am here to help you find the products you need for the best price. I will also get you more information on how to tackle health issues for FREE.

I have also operated my own organic textile and baby company since 1992. Check out the products I have created to reduce your toxic load. 

You can get your own doTERRA wholesale account, or you can buy retail and try something out. Either way, I will make sure you get free information to help you use these wonderful natural products safely and effectively, while saving money. 

So enjoy shopping and enjoying the purest, essential oils and natural products I have ever found. 

- Ginny Edmunds -

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