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doTERRA Enrollment Options

The cool thing about using doTERRA is you can save 25-68% by simply getting a no obligation membership. Like Costco, buy when you want at low wholesale prices, or not at all, You choose. 

You get Free Wellness Consults, Help, Support, Free Information so you can thrive. I wish I could get this kind of support and knowledgeable help in a grocery store. 

You have come this far, so you realized that wholesale makes a lot more sense if you are committing to a natural and healthy lifestyle. Make your purchases matter for your health. Save money on your cleaning, get supplements that help your energy, and learn how oils can scientifically (but naturally) affect your mood, your body, your emotions.

You can choose from any of these wonderful kits, or you can simply sign up for $35 and buy whatever products you like. whenever you like. Whatever your choice, you get me to help you anytime you like. Or you can ignore me, your choice!

Text me at 760-689-2784


Choose a wonderful enrollment kit to enjoy extra savings on amazing doTERRA Products!

Wholesale Customer vs Wellness Advocate

Whether you are a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer, there are many ways that a doTERRA membership can help you live the life you imagine.

Compare Wellness Advocate benefits with Wholesale Customer benefits to see which option would work best for you!


BenefitsWellness AdvocateWholesale Customer

25% Discount on Products✓✓

Earns Loyalty Rewards Program Points✓✓

Earns Shipping Rewards Points✓✓

Can Qualify for Free Product of the Month✓✓

Receives a Free Bottle of Peppermint Essential Oil with Membership Renewal✓✓

Can Earn Bonuses and Compensation✓-

Receives a Personal doTERRA Website✓-

Wholesale Customer

Wholesale Customers are those who are interested in using doTERRA products for their health and want to purchase at wholesale pricing. They may also be interested in earning product points with the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Benefits of Being a Wholesale Customer

  • Product Discounts: 25% off retail prices

  • Loyalty Reward Points: Receive 10–30% of orders back in points redeemable for free product

  • Shipping Reward Points: Option to receive the cost of your shipping back in points redeemable for free product

  • Free Product: Place a monthly order over 125 PV and receive the free product of the month

  • Renewal Fee "Covered": After becoming a Member, the yearly renewal fee for a wholesale membership is $25.00. This renewal fee comes with a free bottle of Peppermint, one of the most popular oils doTERRA offers, a retail value of $27.33. 

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