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Organic Baby Crib Mattress

Our crib mattresses are made with our GOLS Certified Organic Latex Firm Core, and let's you decide how to dress it up. We make a pure EcoWool Fitted Sheet style moisture pad as one option. Or to save money, you can just add a sheet and/or flat EcoWool Moisture pad. This creates a finished mattress that will last and last that you can use with good conscience for your baby. This cotton free option is best to prevent bacteria, and molds from geting on your babys mattress, and is the most breathable option when used with the natural wool. (pure untreated wool is twice as breathable as cotton).

After your baby is older, you can use as a play mat, or as a pet bed. These pure materials will last a very long time.

If you purchase the wool pad or wool fitted sheet, if you baby gets a little pee on it, it will dry and leave no residual bacteria. If you have a heavy wetter, you may wish to add our organic cotton quilted pad on top of the wool pad so you can just machine wash and dry it with the sheet.  

To clean - Simply hand rinse outer and let dry (not in high heat or direct sun). Do not saturate. 

Made in USA by us since 1992. 

Ginny - Mom of 6

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