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doTERRA Helichrysum is a Healing Oil. Helichrysum is a small perennial herb with narrow, silver leaves and flowers that form a cluster of golden yellow, ball-shaped blossoms. Helichrysum has been used in herbal holistic practices since ancient Greece and the oil is highly valued and sought after for its many benefits.

See our wonderful video on this premium helichrysum essential oil. 

Massage into temples and back of neck for a unique sensation
Use in oral rinse to help keep gums, teeth, and mouth smelling clean
Combine with Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply for a cooling effect
Add to daily facial routine to promote a glowing, youthful complexion
Use in conjunction with a full body massage to promote vitality and energy
Improve the appearance of skin imperfections by directly applying one drop to area.
Diffuse for an energizing aroma that helps reduce feelings of mental fatigue
Used in aromatherapy as a nervine and calmative
Used in aromatherapy to help relieve colds and cough
Used in aromatherapy for symptomatic relief of acne and boils
Used in aromatherapy for symptomatic relief of eczema and dermatitis
Used in aromatherapy to relieve minor skin irritation, cuts, bruises and burns
Used in aromatherapy as a carminative and antispasmodic for symptomatic relief of digestive discomfort
Used in aromatherapy to help relieve joint and muscle pain associated with sprain, strain, and rheumatoid arthritis


Aromatic Description
Herbaceous, honey, hay
Plant Part
Herb top flowering
Main Constituents
Neryl acetate, alpha pinene, γ-curcumene

doTERRA Helichrysum Essential Oils 5ml

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