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Our Organic Mattress is designed to fit in a woven bassinet like the one shown. We custom make these any size up to 18 x 32" for this price. 
We have just the mattress, or mattress with bassinet liner, or the mattress, liner, and basket. 

Mattress is our nice organic cotton damask outer with carded supportive pure EcoWool insides for safety and health. Our organic cotton will last longer than the sateen most companies use. The Wool has been tested pure as organic. 

The liner is also of our organic cotton damask. To customize a basket you already have, give us circumference of the top for the liner and measure the bottom inside for the mattress. 
Our natural palm leaf baskets are 12 x 27" and may be up to 2" larger.

Also choose mattress in 18 x 31"

Also see our sheet and pads for this item

Organic Bassinett Mattress

PriceFrom C$115.00
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